Ask about CAPLYTAGet ready for your next visit

Preparing for your visit

Use these questions with your healthcare provider to help start the conversation about CAPLYTA.

  • Can CAPLYTA help with my bipolar depression symptoms?
  • How quickly will CAPLYTA start working?
  • What are the side effects of CAPLYTA, and are they different from other bipolar depression medications?
  • Do I need to take CAPLYTA with food?
  • Will CAPLYTA make me gain weight?
  • Can I take other medications with CAPLYTA?
  • Do you think CAPLYTA would be right for me?
Download the Doctor Discussion GuideDownload the Mood Disorder Questionnaire

It's OK if you forget to ask something during the appointment. One tip is to keep a little notepad with you or at home to use whenever you think of anything that you want to ask. Then, you can bring it up at your next appointment or call your healthcare provider about it.